Lake Garda wedding at Villa Arcadio

      Visiting Lake Garda as a Lake Garda wedding photographer it’s always been a dream for us. Italy can be easily defined as the dream wedding destination. And we are sure every Italy wedding photographer would agree with this! If you think about the best and the most romantic locations to celebrate a wedding in Italy, Italian lakes deserve a special consideraiton. Just think about Lake Braies, Lake Como, Lake Maggiore, or Lake Garda. Coupled with them, we must mention the luxury villas such as Villa Arcadio, Villa Vittoria, Villa Balbianello and many more. What an excitement for every wedding photographer!

      Seeing that, it’s hard to put into words Lake Garda’s charm. As mentioned before, we’ve been daydreaming about having a wedding at the enchanting Garda Island since summer 2016. That time, I accidentally came across some wedding photos taken at Castello del Garda. If you will have the chance to go to Garda Island, we can assure you will fall in love immediately. Its romantic beauty will conquer you. In particular its architecture, which is inspired to the Venetian lagoon. In fact, that Castle stole our heart! Shortly after that, we got contacted by Stephanie. As soon as we realized that the ceremony would be held at Garda Island, our hearts jumped to the moon and back. We were so excited and impatient to meet Steph and Lee and finally, their big day arrived.

      These two are the kind of couple we love to shoot. So open allowing their emotions to show, all the tears and tones of laughter! Before viewing some of the most significative photographs of their wedding story, be sure to check out the pre wedding – engagement photo session we took the day before at Padenghe sul Garda.

      The newlyweds got ready at Villa Arcadio (Salò) in separate rooms together with their parents and close friends while the ceremony took place at Garda Island, under the hot sun of July. The spouses exchanged the rings surrounded by the sound of the cicadas, before enjoying a refreshing appetizer in the garden of the castle.

      Hence their adventure begun – a dreamy destination wedding with traditional Italian touches, in one of the most perfect of backdrops. There are no words to describe the beauty that we experienced on their wedding day. Perhaps our pictures will be able to do that more eloquently than my words would ever be able to.

      Wedding Photographer Garda Lake at Villa Arcadio | Italy



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