Welcome Home 58mm f/1.4

It was during a November afternoon that I received an inquiry from a Slovenian girl. When Dolores pointed out the wedding venue i could barely contain my excitement!

When you unfortunately realize that you are already booked for their day, there’s nothing better for a photographer when a couple decides to bring forward the wedding date just for the following reason: you! Just the simple, stunning and incredible wish to have you as their official happy and intimate moments gatherer to be up there with the most magical and beautiful in a person’s lifetime!

I’m still not able to find the suitable words to describe how privileged I feel because of this! Anyway, their day is getting closer and today we headed off to this magical fairy tale land just to deeply explore the location, and taking advantage of it by putting my latest toy: 58mm f/1.4 to the test. Meanwhile I’ll keep you on tenterhooks as to the exact location 🙂

Stay tuned 🙂

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