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      Considering Villa Poropati as the wedding venue in Groznjan for your wedding in Istria will be a great choice, especially if you think about hiring the best wedding photographer in Istria. As Villa Sancta Maria, Villa Poropati is obviously, a typical Istrian Villa. Moreover, it is beautifully located near two of the most beautiful towns in Istria. Unique locations such as Oprtalj and Groznjan. In the light of this, any Istria wedding photographer would be happy to shoot a wedding at Villa Poropati.

      As mentioned many times, being an Istria wedding photographer gives us many privileges. The main one is undoubtedly working at some of the most beautiful wedding venues in Istria. At this point, you can spontaneously ask yourself What are the best wedding venues in Istria, Croatia?

      As you can see,  Istria offers a lot of beautiful wedding venues for your wedding in Croatia. And each wedding venue makes any Istria wedding photographer particularly happy. Locations with a stunning view of the sea or hidden gems surrounded by endless olive groves as well as vineyards. Which one fits better your personality?

      In the light of this, celebrating your wedding at Villa Poropati will let you live an extraordinary wedding experience. In other words, this wedding venue will give you the opportunity of doing the couple photo shoot at one of the most romantic places in Istria. This couple in fact, chose Oprtalj as the main spot for their post wedding celebration. Indeed, Oprtalj will offer you an enchanting environment for some of the photos that you will cherish forever. Let your Istria wedding photographer guide you through the most romantic and beautiful places in Istria. Places that will make your wedding photos even more unforgettable.

       Villa Poropati wedding GROZNJAN | Istria wedding photographer

       Villa Poropati wedding photographer | GROZNJAN, ISTRIA




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