Switzerland wedding at Enea Landscape Baummuseum in Rapperswil-Jona


      Every Switzerland wedding at Enea Baummuseum in Rapperswill-Jona  has something special. And we are sure that any photographer in Switzerland would agrees with us. Enea Baummuseum is one of the most stunning wedding venues in the area. If you are a nature lover, you should undoubtedly opt for Switzerland as a wedding destination. Additionally, if you want a really special wedding venue with an insane greenery, you couldn’t choose a better place than Enea Baummuseum. Trust your Switzerland wedding photographer.

      When it comes to weddings in Switzerland, what is the most important thing for a Switzerland wedding photographer? The recipe of a perfect wedding photography outcome, as this love story, is basically simple:

      • a breathtaking environment and scenery, such as Switzerland; this time no mountains around though
      • an exclusive open-air wedding venue surrounded by nature as Enea Landscape Baummuseum
      • a nice and elegant setting for the wedding ceremony such as this one in the garden
      • a stunning floreal setting when every flower speaks itself thanking to a great florist designer such as TM Flowers
      • the perfect light
      • and…most importantly, a couple madly in love :)


      The distinctive detail of this Switzerland wedding is the wedding venue. The Enea Baummuseum is a huge park, just think of its 75.000 m2. Located in Rapperswil-Jona, near Lake Zurich it is part of the Canton of St. Gallen. What must be remembered about this beautiful park is pretty interesting, especially for the lovers of trees. In fact, this tree museum shows over 50 trees from over 25 species. Moreover, it shows also sculptures by artists internationally recognized. As we can perceive, the museum got its name by its creator. The well known landscape architect Enzo Enea. He in fact, shows trees from his own collection.

      An interesting fact about the park is related to its construction. Indeed, before its construction it was necessary to extract the water from the former wetland. For this purpose, the crew set up an avenue full of swamp cypresses. They were counting on the evapotranspiration. So interesting, isn’t it?  In other words,  they planted a lot of cypresses because this type of tree is able to extract naturally a lot of water.

      This open-air museum  is divided  into a series of rooms. Each room has its own character as well as atmosphere. The purpose of this museum is, firstly to emphasize the exceptional beauty, presence and rarity of the exhibited trees. While secondly, the architect wants to help visitors, shaping their perception of the elementary attributes to life. The life such as space and time. Most importantly, how these are truly a part of these ancient trees.


      If you say Rapperswil-Jona, the first thought probably goes to the beautifully designed Enea Landscape Baummuseum. This spectacular venue is just half an hour away from Zurich. Enea tree museum provides unique features not only for nature and architecture lovers. It provides surprisingly, authentic features also for the most demanding lovers. In addition to the huge park divided in several sections, Enea Landscape offers a nice corner surrounded of greenery. A lovely spot when it is possible to organize both romantic symbolic and civil wedding celebrations.

      The park museum also provides a fabulous greenhouse. Ideal for wedding receptions. Although it is different from other venues, this Orangery embraces a perfect balance of greenery and the romantic. This Victorian-style glass pavilion will add a touch of luxury to your wedding! The reception of this wedding however, took place at the showroom due to the number of guests. This enormous building is located  at the centre of the park.

      Once seen for the first time this park, this lovely couple couldn’t help but reserving Enea Landscape for their wedding. Both bride and groom got ready at Hotel Marina Lachen. Situated at the opposite part of the park, over the lake. Once dressed up, we took some photos of te bride together with her friends. Just nearby the lake. Afterwards, we reached Enea Baummuseum for the wedding ceremony. We loved so much this outdoor wedding!

      At the end of the ceremony, the bridal party moved through the Orangery, to the tree museum itself. Everyone enjoyed cocktails, aperitifs and delicious canapes in the garden. Another little piece of heaven situated behind the Orangery! In the meantime, between a Martini and a gin-tonic, we stole the couple to take their official wedding photos. This beautiful park was more then enough for their portraits. Together with their videographer, Vutcariov we managed to beautifully capture their love and happiness. Everything was truly perfect that day.

      As soon as the lovebirds got back to the garden behind the Orangery, guests welcomed them warmly. It is then that the real party begun. As mentioned before, the wedding reception took place at the showroom. Just before sitting down, we took advantage of the last light to take some family group photos. Once found the table and the seat, everyone enjoyed the romantic table settings made by TM Flowers. Tiffany, one of the best floral designers in Switzerland, together with her team, made an excellent decor job. During the dinner there were different speeches. The couple got a lot of dedications before cutting the wedding cake and going wild on the dance floor.

      At this point, there is another detail which cannot be missed to mention. Can you guess what is it? The food, of course! It is among the most important things that contributes to the success of the wedding day. In fact, people will inevitably remember if they enjoyed it. With this in mind, there is a huge chance that your guests will discuss the food during the dinner. For these reasons, you should pay particularly attention to the caterer you are going to choose. This is what this couple did, choosing Benjamin Finefood | Catering Liechtenstein.

      In conclusion, this is a wedding that we will remember for a long time on. A Switzerland destination wedding at Enea Landscape Baummuseum definitely missed our portfolio! Hopefully we will post a new one very soon :)

      Switzerland elegant wedding at Enea Landscape Baummuseum | Rapperswil-Jona

      Switzerland elegant wedding at Enea Landscape Baummuseum | Rapperswil-Jona




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