Switzerland elegant wedding at Enea Landscape Baummuseum | Rapperswil-Jona


Switzerland is one of the most attractive countries we have seen and visited in Europe. We have photographed weddings in several countries such as Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Malta… Stunning wedding destinations but Switzerland definitely deserves a special consideration on our list of favourite places. Being there as a Switzerland wedding photographer was not only a pleasure but also a honor. Moreover, celebrating a wedding at Enea Landscape Baumuseum in Rapperswil-Jona, was even more exciting.

When it comes to weddings in Switzerland, what is the most important thing for a Switzerland wedding photographer? The recipe of a perfect wedding photography outcome, as this love story, is basically simple:

  • a breathtaking environment and scenery, such as Switzerland; this time no mountains around though
  • an exclusive open-air wedding venue surrounded by nature as Enea Landscape Baummuseum
  • a nice and elegant setting for the wedding ceremony such as this one in the garden
  • a stunning floreal setting when every flower speaks itself thanking to a great florist designer such as TM Flowers
  • the perfect light
  • and…most importantly, a couple madly in love 🙂


The distinctive detail of this Switzerland wedding is the wedding venue. The Enea Baummuseum is a huge park, just think of its 75.000 m2. Located in Rapperswil-Jona, near Lake Zurich it is part of the Canton of St. Gallen. What must be remembered about this beautiful park is pretty interesting, especially for the lovers of trees. In fact, this tree museum shows over 50 trees from over 25 species. Moreover, it shows also sculptures by artists internationally recognized. As we can perceive, the museum got its name by its creator. The well known landscape architect Enzo Enea. He in fact, shows trees from his own collection.

An interesting fact about the park is related to its construction. Indeed, before its construction it was necessary to extract the water from the former wetland. For this purpose, the crew set up an avenue full of swamp c