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      You are planning a surprise marriage proposal in San Canzian Village – Istria and therefore, you are looking for an Istria wedding photographer to have it captured most memorably? If so, you are at the right place! Let your Istria wedding photographer help you set the perfect moment as well as create the best experience.

      In fact, an experience of this once-in-a-lifetime moment! As an Istria wedding photographer, we will indeed, guide you and organize this event together. Not only catching the moment but especially, making it last forever with an Istria engagement photoshoot.

      Proposing to your loved one is undoubtedly the most exciting and amazing moment in life. Once you have planned your trip to Istria with your partner, you need to choose the perfect moment to get down on one knee. Choosing San Canzian, the luxury village and hotel between Buje and Groznjan, as your proposal destination will make this experience even more memorable. This luxury village offers you several romantic locations where you could pop the question. For example, a private garden with a few olive trees or a romantic dinner on the terrace under the stars. Would you rather opt for a beautifully decorated corner beside the infinity pool as this couple did? Let this love story inspire you!


      Being an Istria wedding photographer offers us the opportunity to meet so many couples in love. Capturing celebrations such as engagement, honeymoon, wedding anniversary, weddings and not only. In fact, recently the number of those who plan to propose in Istria has considerably increased. Making San Canzian indeed,  one of the most favourite destinations for proposals, honeymoon as well as weddings.

      As far as the surprise proposal in Istria is concerned, we have some tips for you:

      • firstly, choose a special location. We guess you have already daydreamed about the proposal moment. For this reason,  it is very important to envision the type of the proposal you want to have. For instance, romantic, adventurous, intimate, casual or unique. What’s your favourite vibe?
      • secondly, ensuring that your proposal remains a complete surprise is obviosuly all about having a solid backstory. In fact, if you are going somehwere you wouldn’t normally go, make sure you have a story in place to explain why you are going there 🙂
      • thirdly, consider hiring an Istria secret proposal photographer to beautifully capture the special moment.
      • last but not least, practice getting down on one knee beforehand. Also, think about what you will say. Obviously, you don’t need to have your speech memorized. Just stick to an idea, not a script. And most importantly, in conclusion don’t forget to finish with: ”will you marry me?

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      Surprise marriage proposal San Canzian| Istria wedding photographer



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