A romantic Rovinj wedding at Paladnjaki, Croatia | Istria wedding photographer


      If you plan to celebrate your Rovinj wedding at Paladnjaki, you are at the right place! As an Istria wedding photographer, let us guide you through the most beautiful wedding locations in Croatia.

      Do you have a delicate soul? If you are in love with nature as well as life’s simpler pleasures, wedding venues in Istria are your perfect choice! Sites with magnificent views overlooking the sea as well as cultivation of vines and olive: this is Istria. Every Istria wedding photographer will agree with this. Here you can find wedding venues kissing the sea such as Villa Polesini or Red Island in Rovinj. Typical Istrial villas such as Villa Poropati, Villa Lav or Paladnjaki. Last but not least, luxurious hotels such as San Canzian, Stanzia Meneghetti or Grand Park Hotel.

      In Istria you will definitely be spoiled for choice for your destination wedding!

      There are many beautiful places where you can celebrate your wedding in Istria. As a Rovinj wedding photographer, we can for certain tell you something. You might find Rovinj probably on the top of the list! Moreover, in addition to a timeless wedding location such as Rovinj, you can combine a rustic wedding venue as the previously mentioned Paladnjaki. As a result, you can be sure you are going to have a perfect match of Istrian environments! Istria in fact, with its beautiful cities and countryside, offers lots of gorgeous wedding venues. Amazing wedding locations that would make your special day unique.

      Paladnjaki is in fact amongst the most popular and requested wedding venues in Istria. Being an Istria wedding photographer offers us many opportunities to visit the most popular wedding venues. And Paladnjaki is undoubtedly one of them.

      Enjoy this beautiful destination wedding. We are sure you are going to find inspiration for your wedding celebration in Istria.

      A romantic Rovinj wedding at Paladnjaki, Croatia | Istria wedding photographer

      Istria wedding photographer | A romantic Rovinj wedding at Paladnjaki, CroatiA