Romantic Honeymoon in Venice

      A romantic honeymoon in Venice? Absolutely Yes!!! If you are as me, a desperate 90`s nostalgic, you must have heard dozen of times the famous song sang by a hilarious group of monkeys ?. If the time distance has exceeded your memory, does the Bloodhound Gang tell you something?

      Well, I feel so honored for having had the opportunity to take Tina and Billy’s honeymoon in Venice!

      I have no words to describe how amazing are they as couple but also as persons. Being so different from the couples I used to photograph so far, they gave me the chance to see something different through my camera; it was a warm but windy morning of July and I felt particulary happy and excited to test for the first time my just arrived Nikkor 85mm f/2.8 TS <3

      Knowing that I was photographing a professional photographer made me feel a bit nervous ? but Tina, with her refined way of behaving in front of the lens, made every shot immediately perfect and unique in its candor.

      …“ My name is Billy and my wife is Tina. In the United States, Tina is a professional photographer and I played drums for The Bloodhound Gang. Our love of the arts brought us together and in March 2017, we got married. When we booked our honeymoon trip to Italia, Tina thought it would be special for us to schedule a photo shoot while we were there.

      She began researching photographers based in Italia, specifically in Venezia and found Samantha. She knew Samantha was the gal for the job and with Venezia as our backdrop, we couldn’t lose! Samantha was easy to work with and was a total pro from the shoot to the finished product. She used a lot of cool techniques and captured the celebration of our honeymoon. My wife knew what she wanted from our photo shoot and Samantha totally delivered! Her pictures are incredible and as artists, my wife and I should know! Bellissimo, Samantha!…“

      Romantic Honeymoon in Venice

      Romantic Honeymoon in Venice


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