When it is love to talk | Romantic engagement shooting in Venice

When I say I’m in love with these two lovebirds, I mean that every single photo of their pre wedding session drives me literally crazy!

Last week I was asked what is the formula for a successful shooting. At this point, the answer can be pretty obvious and simple: a romantic location, flower decorations as well as an elegant gown can be nothing but additional extras. The secret lies into the chemistry between the couple! Nothing can beat such sweet way of looking at each other, this complicity between their gazes and their spontaneous hugs… stolen kisses between one touch and another…

Even though Yvonne and Velvin felt a bit shy in front of the camera,  they managed to pass down to the photos an easygoing and relaxed sensation. The sweet and innocent smile of this beautiful bride-to-be just stole my heart. Despite the short time spent together, I couldn’t help but appreciate these two youngs from Singapore. Time flew, and it was such a pleasure to spend a few hours with them.

I proudly share some of the many favorite shots we took at the capital city of love. Venice will bear witness to their love for the years to come.

When it is love to talk | Romantic engagement shooting in Venice

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