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      Every Porec wedding at Villa Polesini has something special and we are sure that any photographer in Istria agrees with us. As mentioned many other times, Villa Polesini is one of the most stunning wedding venues. Not only in Porec but also in Istria. If you are a sea lover, you should undoubtedly opt for Porec as a wedding destination. Additionally, if you want a really special wedding venue with an insane view facing the sea, you couldn’t choose a better place than Villa Polesini. Trust your Porec wedding photographer 🙂

      What makes Villa Polesini so distinctive is, first of all its unique position. Situated on the waterfront, literally a few meters from the sea but yet hidden from prying eyes. In fact, Villa Polesini is surrounded by beautiful gardens. In the light of this, Villa Polesini is one of those venues which stands out easily from the other wedding venues in Porec. Besides the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception, there is another part of the wedding which is very important. It’s the couple photoshoot, which can take place before or after the wedding ceremony. When it comes to the couple photoshoot, there are a few places you should take into consideration, in order to get the best photos.

      In the light of this, what are the most beautiful locations for couple’s wedding photos in Porec? Let your Porec wedding photographer guide you through the most suggestive locations in Porec!

      • the first place to remember, is that the main and the most fascinating spot is Euphrasian Basilica‘s courtyard. This is in fact the most popular location for wedding photography. For this reason, many couples often choose this place to get some amazing photos. What’s more, this is also the favorite location for any wedding photographer in Porec.
      • the second important place is Decumanus Street.
      • However, if you would rather opt for less crowded places as well as more intimate corners, Valamar Isabella Island Resort is the best choice. This is indeed the place this couple chose for their wedding photos, after their wedding ceremony at Villa Polesini.
      • last but not least, the waterfront’s rocks in front of Villa Polesini.

      In conclusion, should you ever choose Villa Polesini as the venue for your wedding or any other type of celebration, you can be sure of something. You are gonna undoubtedly have a fantastic venue which will impress all of your guests. In other words, you are going to have (and you are going to givem them) an unforgettable experience not only in Porec but especially in Istria. Word of a Porec wedding photographer that works very often at Villa Polesini 🙂





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