Opatija family photographer at Bevanda | Christening Baptism photographer


      Being an Opatija family photographer was a nice experience for us, especially in the shoes of a baptism photographer at the well-known Bevanda. Before this baptism, we had the honor of shooting a wedding at this famous 5-star design hotel in Opatija. Bevanda has always been one of the most exclusive wedding venues in Opatija. Bevanda is not only a fantastic venue for weddings but also other celebrations such as a baptism, a birthday, a wedding anniversary, and similar occasions. Being a family photographer at Bevanda has truly been a pleasure for us.

      Let’s see what is the real meaning of a Baptism or in other words, a Christening. We firstly must mention that many Christians believe that baptism is important because Jesus was baptized. Afterward, after his resurrection, he told his disciples that they should be baptized too. Baptism itself is an act in which the priest sprinkles water onto a person’s forehead. As a result, this act symbolizes rebirth or in other words, purification. This is extremely important because this is how one gains passage into the Christian Church.

      Being a family photographer documenting a Baptism allowed us to witness so many Baptisms. Especially in Opatija at Bevanda, as this was not our first Baptism there. Moreover, we had the pleasure of photographing also a Greek Orthodox Baptism, but this is not the case though.

      Before the ceremony itself, many families ask the family photographer to have some family photos at home as well as photos of the baby getting ready. Just remember the getting ready part of your wedding day… it is pretty similar to this, isn’t it? For this Baptism in Opatija though, we skipped the getting ready part meeting the family directly at the church.

      At the end of the ceremony, there is no need to mention that we obviously took some family photos at the altar. Precisely, smaller group photos with family and friends. Once finished with this important part we headed to Bevanda. During the reception, we always capture the decor details, if requested also food, cocktail reception as well as plenty of candid shots!

      In conclusion, the baby Christening, Baptism (as well as the first birthday), is obviously the most important baby milestones. In fact, most of the mums and dads are planning ahead to make such an event a fantastic day to celebrate.

      For this reason, in order to fully preserve these precious moments, book a professional family photographer. It doesn’t basically matter where: Opatija, Rovinj, Novigrad, Porec or anywhere else. We will be obviously happy to be your family photographer to document such an important celebration. Especially if the reception will take place at Bevanda.

      We love to see your Baptism and family photos be cherished for years. Not only for the baby but also the whole family. Enjoy these beautiful photos taken at Bevanda design hotel.






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