Nikkor 105mm f/1.4 :: You. Me. And a rainy morning

Today is the 4th day that this astonishing masterpiece of technology celebrates its presence together with the rest of my Nikon family. Only today I had the chance to test it concretely; Nika was the first model posing in front of it while Venice had the privilege to bless it!

Being one of the most wished candies among photographers since July, I supposed it would be a kind of revolution, but such brilliant?! Unbelievable impressive! Between different weddings and shootings to select and plenty of pictures to edit, I couldn`t resist –  I had to make a quick selection of few shots to introduce this beast!


lens-105mm-f1-4-nikon-001 lens-105mm-f1-4-nikon-002 lens-105mm-f1-4-nikon-003 lens-105mm-f1-4-nikon-004 lens-105mm-f1-4-nikon-005 lens-105mm-f1-4-nikon-007 lens-105mm-f1-4-nikon-008 lens-105mm-f1-4-nikon-009 lens-105mm-f1-4-nikon-010 lens-105mm-f1-4-nikon-011 lens-105mm-f1-4-nikon-012 lens-105mm-f1-4-nikon-013 lens-105mm-f1-4-nikon-014 lens-105mm-f1-4-nikon-015 lens-105mm-f1-4-nikon-016 lens-105mm-f1-4-nikon-017 lens-105mm-f1-4-nikon-018 lens-105mm-f1-4-nikon-019 lens-105mm-f1-4-nikon-020 lens-105mm-f1-4-nikon-021 lens-105mm-f1-4-nikon-022 lens-105mm-f1-4-nikon-023 lens-105mm-f1-4-nikon-024 lens-105mm-f1-4-nikon-025 lens-105mm-f1-4-nikon-026 lens-105mm-f1-4-nikon-027 lens-105mm-f1-4-nikon-028 lens-105mm-f1-4-nikon-029 lens-105mm-f1-4-nikon-030 lens-105mm-f1-4-nikon-031 lens-105mm-f1-4-nikon-032 lens-105mm-f1-4-nikon-033 lens-105mm-f1-4-nikon-034 lens-105mm-f1-4-nikon-035 lens-105mm-f1-4-nikon-036 lens-105mm-f1-4-nikon-037 lens-105mm-f1-4-nikon-038

Nikkor 105mm f/1.4 :: You. Me. And a rainy morning


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