Venice luxury honeymoon photographer at Doge’s Palace, Hotel Danieli | Romantic gondola ride

      Venice, the perfect luxury destination for your honeymoon where you should hire the best Venice photographer for a honeymoon photoshoot at Doge’s Palace and Hotel Danieli, obviously including a gondola ride.

      Is there anything more romantic to do with the love of your life? As the best honeymoon photographer in Venice, we will show you the most beautiful locations for romantic wedding photo shoots in Venice. To begin with, have you seen the first part of this luxury honeymoon photoshoot in Venice? This is in fact the second part of this amazing and so particular Venice honeymoon photoshoot. The winter atmosphere allowed us to embrace the peacefulness around us. If the first part was a warm reflection of the deepest shade of romanticism, standing out with the mesmerizingly beautiful architecture, Florian Caffe and Hotel Danieli’s uniqueness, this second part presents an undertone more elegant.

      Aysin is one of those girls who, the moment you see them, simply say – bang! – she strikes you right in the heart with her disarming beauty and charm. Venetians as well as all of the tourists around, know it well. In fact, during that freezing morning of December, they stared at her while we were walking from Hotel Danieli to Palazzo Ducale. The icing on the cake was her Turkish traditional wedding dress. Such an amazing wedding attire!

      Taking photos has never been so natural and easygoing – the feeling among them was perceptible at every single glance, showing it with unbelievable empathy in each situation. I did an accurate selection of the most significative shots taken during their second day of exclusive shooting inside the courtyard of Doge’s Palace, a romantic gondola ride concluding once more at Hotel Danieli’s lobby.


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      This city is beautiful. I wish to come here once

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