Istrian rustic glam wedding at Punto Mare beach | Novigrad

What is the most beautiful place in Istria to celebrate your wedding?

After many years of destination wedding photography in Croatia, we can state one thing. We have definitely seen most of the beautiful locations for weddings. Not only in Dalmatia but especially in Istria. For example, from rustic weddings in Dubrovnik to elegant weddings at Villa Dalmacija in Split. From more intimate weddings in Trogir, to the more luxurious and classic in Opatija. What must be remembered however, is the importance of Istria in such industry. As Croatia and Istria wedding photographers, we can state that Istria, is undoubtedly the most beautiful region to say ”I do”.

Just think of Rovinj, the old town with its narrow streets and the colorful houses. The majestic view on Motovun, the medial town on the top of the hill. The olive groves and wineyards all around. Who hasn’t daydreamed of getting married at sunset in such a breathtaking Istrian scenery? For instance, a wedding in an Istrian villa. Having the background of Motovun or Groznjan in your wedding photos. Let your Istria wedding photographer guide you to find out the very best spots! Amazing wedding locations for your wedding in Croatia.

For those who have always appreciated the beauty of the Northern Istria, will definitely like the idea of a wedding in Novigrad. Indeed, once a peaceful fishing town, Novigrad over the year has become a well known touristic destination. One of the biggest credits for this is without doubts, the Aquapark Istralandia.  This lovely town has such an intimate and irresistible charm. Typical features obviously, of a classic quite Mediterranean fishing town.

With attention to its architecture, it must be remembered an interesting thing. A thing that we always love to put attention on 🙂 Novigrad was under the rule of the Venetian Republic since 1270. This is why we know it also as Cittanova. It was part of it until Venice fell in the late 18th century. Moreover, did you know that the Municipal loggia is the only Venetian loggia in Istria located on the coastline? This beautiful town is not just a real architectural jewel. It has a rich heritage from a cultural point of view. And most importantly, we guess there is no need to even mention its preserved natural beauty.

Last but not least, it has been recognized also as one of the top Istrian gourmet destinations. This is in fact, one of the main reasons why foreigners love Croatia and Istria. Especially when it comes to planning a wedding. Excellent food, excellent wines and extravirgin olive oils such as Agro-Millo, nice weather and an amazing seaside. Is there anything more needed for a perfect Istrian wedding?

We are sure that Katarina and Paolo’s wedding in Novigrad will be remembered for a long time on.

Summing up, if you are planning a rustical glam wedding in Istria, a Novigrad wedding would be a great choice.

Istrian rustic glam wedding at Punto Mare beach | Novigrad