Intimate Venice wedding at Scuola Grande dei Carmini

      Every little girl, when daydreaming about her wedding day, falls in love with the idea of a fairytale wedding, such as a majestic castle with fairytale arrangements. In light of this, as a Venice wedding photographer, I can say that Venice, with all its history and its unique beauty, can superbly fit this conception.

      A British-American couple in the most romantic city. With the dream to fulfill a great love with an intimate and extraordinary ceremony at Scuola Grande dei Carmini. As mentioned previously, Scuola Grande dei Carmini is one of the most beautiful wedding ceremony locations.

      Amber and Ali chose Venice, the eternal city of lovers to say ”I do”. In fact, they intended to have a small intimate destination wedding with such impressive background. Is there a better destination than Venice?! The bride, in my opinion, Adele’s look like got ready at the Westin Europa and Regina (today’s St. Regis) in a beautiful suite overlooking the Canal Grande. Can you imagine getting ready just in front of one of the most beautiful churches on the island? Yes, Santa Maria della Salute! Moreover, she enjoyed the company of her mom, sisters, and aunts. At this point,  Amber didn’t manage to hold back her emotions and excitement. In other words, she was literally her dream feeling like a princess!

      The ceremony took place at the Scuola Grande dei Carmini. The palace is a stunning baroque oratory built at the end of the 500’s. Another key point of this wedding is the atmosphere itself: delicate harp notes, tears full of emotions, touching readings… such a moving ceremony! The first part of the reception took place outside their suite at the Westin Europa and Regina (today’s St. Regis luxury hotel) on a balcony, surrounded by the family and a few close friends. What an incredible feeling, toasting overlooking the Grand Canal!

      In conclusion, as a Venice wedding photographer, I always point out the best options and recommendations to my couples. So did I with them. If you are not sure when should you consider to have your couple photos taken, here I am. Ready to give you the best advice an Italy wedding photographer would give you. The very best thing you could do to your future memories is to consider an early morning photoshoot. You can learn more about this topic clicking HERE.

      This is in fact, what we did.


      – Intimate Venice wedding at Scuola Grande dei Carmini –

      Intimate Venice wedding at Scuola Grande dei Carmini



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