Honeymoon photos in Positano with a photographer on the Amalfi Coast

      Planning to have your honeymoon photos with a Positano photographer? What a beautiful idea! Italy , especially the Amalfi Coast is the home of beautiful things. The villages on the rocks, the colorful houses and the terraces open to the Mediterranean Sea are among the most exciting destinations for honeymoon photo sessions. Every spot seems to be a perfect backdrop not only for a wedding but also for a surprise proposal, elopement or particularly for honeymoon. Some beautiful honeymoon photos might be a fantastic way to celebrate your honeymoon with a Positano photographer on the Amalfi Coast!

      Ilham and Saif got married in Saudi Arabia months ago and after Rome and Venice, they put Positano on the list of the beautiful destinations to visit on their honeymoon. To capture the moments of their unforgettable Italian experience, they have decided to arrange a honeymoon photo session capturing their love not only in Venice but also in Positano. We spent a pleasant morning capturing some memorable shots wandering around the narrow streets of the colorful town. Ilham, wearing a white dress which enhanced her oriental beauty, Saif, who lovely glanced at her, helped her walking with her heels.

      The first part of the shooting took place on the beach, the well known Spiaggia Grande, unfortunately later than planned so the sun already started to be pretty bright. Despite this significant detail  we still managed to capture the particular Amalfi atmosphere. The second part took place at their hotel, Hotel Murat. For this occasion, Ilham wore her wedding dress.

      Let your honeymoon photographer in Positano document your vacation in Positano with romantic photos.


       Honeymoon PHOTOS in Positano | Amalfi Coast PHOTOGRAPHER


       Honeymoon PHOTOS in Positano | Amalfi Coast PHOTOGRAPHER



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