Surprise proposal in Florence

From New York to Florence, one ring in Paul`s pocket and a surprise proposal in one of the most romantic and suggestive spots in Florence!

Planning a wedding is not the only important event, indeed before such important day one of the most challenging occurrences is the marriage proposal. The right, pretty and shining ring; the most suitable location and last but not least, the style – the way you want to do that. A romantic moment forgetting the rest of the world in intimacy or a surprise in front of hundreds of eyes?

For those who envision the big moment in intimacy, the most common problem is to persuade the girlfriend to withdraw in a quiet and secluded place – that’s obviously not in the main road and not on a tourist walk path. In this case, there are many solutions: pretending there is a very earnest reason to go where you want to go. Let the creativity inspire you finding a fake appointment or anything else that only happens exactly where you want to go, teasing her interest.

Paul knew it well from the very beginning. Beside the numerous beautiful places in Florence, Boboli garden is surely one of the nicest locations to get lost in. With its beautiful fountains, trees tunnels and a tree tunnel was the exact location of the marriage proposal. My heart beated a lot during the wait for Paul and Dana. We waited for them in front of Palazzo Pitti and I have recognized them as soon as they were getting closer to the entrance. It was a kind of sixth sense as the street was full of tourists approaching the entrance of the palace in order to visit this famous garden.

Candidly photographed from a distance, we followed them until the place X pretending to be tourists who were photographing the environment (casually?! ? ) around them. Once reached the fateful place, Paul asked my partner to take a photo of them with his mobile phone with the landscape behind. At this moment he knelt down and proposed to her while I was capturing the so awaited moment of the `YES, I DO`! It has been such a romantic proposal welcomed with great surprise, happiness and few tears of joy! After taking a few minutes to catch breath we carried on with some more engagement photos in the city center, taking great photos while walking around – Ponte Vecchio, Piazza della Signoria, Uffizzi and the majestic Duomo.

Between one shot and another we also joined the lunch together at MammaMia Firenze ; strongly recommended! Planning to add Florence to you trip list? Be sure to have a dinner or lunch there!

Surprise proposal in Florence | engagement photographer

Surprise proposal in Florence | engagement photographer



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