Luxury Elopement at Scuola Grande dei Carmini | Photographer Venice

      Scuola Grande dei Carmini is amongst the most requested wedding venues in Venice.

      Did you have the chance to have a look at our previous weddings and elopements taken there?

      Do you plan to get married in Venice?

      Venice is undoubtedly one of those places where you could spend an entire lifetime. The light reflected on the golden mosaics of its historic buildings and its lagoon make everything so magical. As a Venice wedding photographer, we can state that when it comes to romance, Venice is always a perfect choice! If you add to this the unforgettable staying at the Sina Centurion Palace  –  one of the best luxury design hotels in Venice, the wedding experience will be nothing but a real dream.

      It was a warm day of October when we took part of Robyn and Tim’s intimate wedding in Venice. The dream of promising eternal love finally came true. An intimate celebration attended by us wedding photographers in Venice, the videographer, the celebrant, the wedding planner and three musicians. Gemma, the wedding planner from Italy2wed managed to create a very personalized ceremony.

      Blending together different rituals from Buddhist and European traditions, the ceremony turned out so touching! Serenaded by the sweet notes of a professional harpist and violinist they declared faith in one another. After beautifully composed their personal vows, a selection of poems and songs the couple made a toast beside the ceremony room.

      Leaving Scuola Grande dei Carmini they were still beaming and excited, so we were able to capture some relaxed and candid photos on our way to San Giorgio island. If you get married in Venice, the water taxi ride on the Grand Canal is simply a must.

      It is always such a pleasure to meet lovely couples who leave their mark on our hearts for their kindness and love for life. Being a wedding photographer especially in Venice is truly a privilege!


      – Luxury Elopement at Scuola Grande dei Carmini | Photographer Venice –

      Luxury Elopement at Scuola Grande dei Carmini | Photographer Venice


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