Calabria exclusive wedding at Tenuta delle Grazie


      What are the most beautiful places to celebrate a wedding in Italy? What are the places that make an Italy wedding photographer particularly happy? If you think of Italy, your mind might obviously go to Venice, Rome, Florence, Tuscany, Capri, Positano… Italy is the land of Love! What we haven’t mentioned though, is the beauty of Calabria, especially Pizzo. This crazy year we had the privilege to be the Italy wedding photographers of a special couple 😊 This exclusive Calabria wedding at Tenuta delle Grazie planned by Luana Loi wedding planner, was in fact literally a dream.

      We met these lovebirds last year. She was looking for an Italy wedding photographer, precisely a Venice wedding photographer for their engagement photo shoot. We took a romantic photo shoot not only in Venice but also in Milano. The place where they fell in love. Do you want to see how their magic looked like? Click HERE to see more about their engagement photo shoot in Venice. Venice is not enough? Click HERE to check out also their fancy photo shoot in Milano!


      This is the sentence at the end of the same day edit wedding video. A wedding movie by Mayad Studios presented at the end of the wedding party at Tenuta delle Grazie. One of the best wedding locations in the region. The bride got ready at Palazzo Zimatore while the groom got ready at his house in Reggio Calabria. A touching wedding ceremony took place in Pizzo. A lovely town with ancient origins.

      An interesting thing that must be remembered, is that the former King of Naples was imprisoned for several days in the town’s castle. Did you know that he was the brother-in-law of Napoleon? Nowadays, the name of the castle is Castello Murat. In fact, this is where we spent some time to take photos of the bride. In front of its beautiful facade.

      What can we say about this wedding in Calabria? Every wedding is special and unique in its own way. But this one was truly a special one. It will be surely remembered forever not only for its exclusivity. The main reason unfortunately, is that this was our last ”normal” wedding before the pandemic. In fact, two days after this wedding, Italy got its first case of Covid.

      Enjoy the photos of this exclusive destination wedding in Calabria!

      Calabria exclusive wedding at Tenuta delle Grazie | Wedding photographer

      Calabria exclusive wedding at Tenuta delle Grazie | Wedding photographer




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