Belgium intimate wedding in Lanaken

      Recently we were brushing up our collections of wedding folders. Surprisingly, we found out a wedding we did in Belgium many years ago. Hilarious, isn’t it? As many of you know, our constant  base is in wedding destinations such as Italy, Malta, Croatia and not only.  Mediterranean warm environments. This wedding in Belgium, the Northen part of Europe is obviously in contrast. Being a Belgium wedding photographer in Lanaken was truly a honor for us. We discovered a different country from the one we have always had in mind.

      The ceremony, as well as the wedding reception took place in Lanaken. The wedding photo shoot instead, took place in the Netherlands. In fact, Lanaken is located on the Belgian-Dutch border, bordering Maastricht directly. All locations were a real paradise. Every wedding photographer would agree with this. From the Neogothic style of Sint-Ursula’s church, to the beautiful villas near the lakes such as Kasteel Pietersheim. From the beautiful bloomed gardens to the most traditional wind mills.  In particular, the time spent at the wind mill was definitely our favourite.

      This Belgian love story is evidently worth to be shown. Just a few peeks though :)

      Coupled with the Netherlands, Belgium is one of those countries you must see at least once in a lifetime. Just think that it is famous for its different specialities, such as the Belgian beer, fries, waffles and most importantly chocolate. Additionally, what is so special about Belgium is that this is land of diamonds too. In fact, Belgium is considered as the biggest port in the diamond business. The Belgian city of Antwerp is the diamond capital of the world.

      With this in mind, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to get your engagement or wedding rings there, would it?

      Belgium intimate wedding in Lanaken | Wedding Photographer Belgium

      Belgium intimate wedding in Lanaken | Wedding Photographer Belgium




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